Complete your Nauvoo experience with a guided tour.  R. Lane Wright is the author of several books related to Nauvoo and its history, and will share the personal details of Nauvoo history that make it such a special place.



We’re pleased to say that our tours are wheelchair accessible.  Please call when scheduling your tour so we can have the lift ready for you.

Best food we’ve ever had at a B&B. “Magical” is one of the terms that can be used to describe.

Kept expecting to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves come singing and skipping through the undergrowth. 🙂

Barbara R. - Ohio

My family had the time of their lives. Thank you for your excellent service. The home was beautiful!

Cristina - Billings, Montana

Your company helped my family come closer together. We’ve never enjoyed a family vacation more!

John - New York, USA

I had the best time of my life and all thanks to Vacation Nauvoo! It’s so amazing, everyone should try it!

Jenny - Orem, Utah